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Seamless Cloud Design Cloud-Factory Talk Twin

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FactoryTalk Twin Studio is an end-to-end automation design solution where users can design, program, simulate, emulate, and virtually commission in one cloud environment, making it easier than ever to collaborate on a common model and refine designs. On-demand digital design software enables a simpler, more efficient way to work from any web browser with software that is always up to date and flexibly scales users and compute capacity to meet project workload demands. The result is better designs that are developed quicker.

Be more productive with cloud digital engineering:

  • Deliver projects faster: Collaborate on projects from anywhere to improve designs and develop projects faster than ever before.
  • Amplify value: Build, test and commission your machines virtually to confirm that they meet your needs before committing to a design.
  • Save time and money: Remotely deploy updates and troubleshoot problems from anywhere using your web browser.
  • Work Better Together: Enable your workforce with the tools that they need and quickly scale your teams as your needs grow.

FactoryTalk Twin Studio is one of the five core solutions in FactoryTalk® Design Hub™. Industrial organizations can now transform their automation design capabilities with a more simplified, productive way to work powered by the cloud. Teams of all sizes, skillsets and locations can work smarter through enhanced collaboration, improved lifecycle management and on-demand access to cloud-based software all while adhering to the latest security standards and information technology (IT) best practices. The result is increased design productivity, faster time to market and systems that cost less to build and maintain.?

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