Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation has promoted these products / services:

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation -  New Levels of Arc Flash Protection

To help increase workforce safety and mitigate arc flash damage, Rockwell Automation developed ArcShield technology for CENTERLINE® motor control centers (MCCs). And now, this arc flash safety technology has been expanded for Canadian manufacturers with high-amp applications typical in the oil, gas, mining, water treatment and power generation industries. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation -  I/O Blocks Help Improve Automation Efficiency

The new Allen‑Bradley® ArmorBlock 5000™ I/O blocks. Integrated with IO-Link technology, the distributed I/O solution offers smart capabilities that can help industrial manufacturers improve operational productivity with minimal cost. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Flexible, Secure, Configurable Option Box PCs

ASEM™ 6300B configure to order box PCs offer several additional features that allow users to customize their compute solution for a variety of industrial applications. Users can pick and choose which of the new features to include in their configuration based on their individual needs. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - QuickStick 150 Intelligent Conveyor System

Companies can increase the overall effectiveness of their machines and help shape operations that are more flexible, reliable and energy-efficient using the new QuickStick® 150 Intelligent Conveyor System. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Rockwell Automation Offers New On-Machine Drives

Rockwell Automation release of its new Allen-Bradley Armor PowerFlex AC variable frequency drives for industrial motor control applications. The on-machine drives provide quicker installation, simple commissioning and predictive maintenance. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - PowerFlex 755TS Drives Offer Smarter Capabilities

New PowerFlex 755TS drive plays major role in motor control applications, helps reduce unplanned downtime and gets motors running faster. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Open, Scalable, Flexible HMI platform

Rockwell Automation introduces FactoryTalk Optix as a new addition to their visualization portfolio. Known as “visualization for visionaries,” FactoryTalk Optix is a modern, cloud-enabled human-machine interface (HMI) platform that allows users to design, test and deploy applications directly from a web browser anywhere, anytime. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Cloud-Based, Software-Defined Industrial Design

FactoryTalk® Design Studio™ is a new cloud-based software product built from the ground up to improve system design efficiency. Available anytime, anywhere using only a web browser, there are no downloads or installs required and no software maintenance responsibility. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - ArmorBlock 5000 I/O Blocks

Discover Allen-Bradley® ArmorBlock 5000™ I/O, an On-Machine™ distributed I/O solution integrated with IO-Link technology. Engineered for better durability, the ArmorBlock 5000 I/O blocks can help meet demanding application needs with minimal downtime and cost even in harsh environments. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Capabilities with Dual DisplayPort Thin Client

Allen‑Bradley® ASEM™ 6300T Dual DisplayPort thin clients enable connectivity to multiple screens in industrial environments. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Version of Studio 5000 Logix Designer® V35

One of the most desired improvements to the Studio 5000 Logix Designer experience in the process industry is the expansion for the SequenceManager™ to include 5x80P controller support (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - GuardLink 2.0 with new EtherNet/IP Interface

GuardLink® 2.0 is the world’s most advanced serially connected safety input solution designed to reduce downtime and installation costs. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Emulation and Support with FactoryTalk® Logix Echo

Virtualizing control systems with FactoryTalk® Logix Echo can help customers save significant engineering efforts and financial expenditure at every stage of a project from start to finish. Attention was dedicated to improving testing, giving users access to more than 20 variations of the 5580 ControlLogix® platform at their disposal. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Micro Controllers and Design Software

Machine builders can design and program standalone machines more efficiently with the new Allen-Bradley Micro850 and Micro870 2080-Lx0E controllers using the latest Connected Components Workbench software release from Rockwell Automation. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New GuardShield Safety Light Curtains

Production personnel can work safely and efficiently using the new Allen-Bradley 450L Perimeter Access Control (PAC) GuardShield safety light curtains from Rockwell Automation. Subject to risk assessment, light curtains eliminate the need for hard guarding and gates, while allowing frequent, easier and safe access to hazardous areas. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Energy savings with VFDs and Motor Control Centers

Rockwell Automation has incorporated two more PowerFlex® variable frequency drives (VFDs) into CENTERLINE® 2500 low-voltage motor control centers (MCCs) to help industrial operators in global IEC markets improve their production, safety and energy performance. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley Integrates New Drives into MCCs

Unplanned downtime costs manufacturers billions annually. New industrial automation hardware from Rockwell Automation aims to improve those results. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Industrial Beacons to Improve Signaling

The new Bulletin 855R industrial beacons from Rockwell Automation can improve how industrial operators deliver warnings and status indications to workers on the plant floor. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Cost-effective Photoelectric Sensors

The new Allen-Bradley 42EA RightSight S18 and 42JA VisiSight M20A photoelectric sensors are economical and easy-to-apply sensing solutions that offer a wide range of sensing modes, mounting options and unique features, making them optimal solutions for global operations. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Improved Download with Automation Software

Studio 5000 Logix Designer® delivers feature additions, hardware support and productivity enhancements. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Allen-Bradley Customizable Industrial Monitors

Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced the release of a new line of industrial monitors that can help machine builders differentiate their machines and meet a wide range of application needs. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Medium Voltage Drive Enclosures Now More Rugged

PowerFlex 6000 medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs) packaged in Type 3R or IP54 enclosures are specifically designed and built for outdoor or remote installations to eliminate the need for a control room. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Mounting System Reduces Wiring, Saves Costs

Keep your panels clean, organized and compact with the CrossBoard® System. The CrossBoard platform provides flexibility in motor control and protection devices. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Combine Process Control and Power Data

New communication module gives industrial operators visibility into their IEC 61850 intelligent electronic devices. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Rockwell Automation Offers Remote Access Solution

New solution allows OEMs to troubleshoot equipment from anywhere and reduce customer downtime. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Allen-Bradley Analog Safety I/O Modules

FLEX 5000 safety I/O provides device monitoring and functional safety protection for process applications. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - AB Operator Terminal-richer, More Robust

PanelView 5510 terminals now support up to 500 screens, display video and other content following updates to Studio 5000 View Designer software. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance

The PanelView™ Plus 7 Performance graphic terminal has been significantly improved with the launch of Series B. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Allen-Bradley Enhanced Safety Laser Scanner

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster SafeZone 3 laser scanner from Rockwell Automation is now enabled with Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Safety over EtherNet/IP. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation -  Security with Enhanced FactoryTalk Linx Software

Engineers on the plant floor can be more productive with the latest release of FactoryTalk Linx software from Rockwell Automation. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New PowerFlex 6000T Drive Delivers Big Performance

Medium-voltage drive for global IEC markets accepts high-voltage primary without increasing footprint. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - CENTERLINE MCC Grounding Device Increase Safety

UL-approved Integrated Protective Maintenance Grounding device from Rockwell Automation eliminates the need for temporary grounding assemblies. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Safety Devices Enhance Safety and Productivity

Manufacturers can gain new insights into operations and help keep people safe with smart products that provide crucial data (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation -  PowerFlex 6000T Medium Voltage Drives TotalFORCE

Industrial companies can now benefit from multiple enhancements to the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000T medium voltage drives. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley New Managed Switch

Companies can prepare their production facilities for more demanding, data-intensive networking with the new high-performance, all-gigabit Allen-Bradley Stratix 5800 managed industrial Ethernet switch . (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation -  Smart Signaling Solution from Rockwell Automation

The new Allen-Bradley 856T Control Tower Stack Light system provides maximum flexibility in meeting the widest range of applications with fewer components. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T AC Drive Enhancements

Industries such as pulp and paper, automotive, tire and rubber, metals and water/wastewater may benefit from corrosive gas protection, which is now standard on Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755TL, TR and TM drives. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - CIP Security Possible with New Proxy Device

Industrial companies can now implement CIP Security expansively in their systems with the Allen-Bradley CIP Security Proxy. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Better Integration with High Efficiency Motors

Rockwell Automation is making it easier for industrial companies to modernize and meet efficiency goals by enhancing the PowerFlex 755 low voltage drive and Kinetix VPC servo motor integration. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New I/O Modules Simplify Device Connections

Industrial producers can more easily and efficiently connect to devices in hazardous areas using the new Allen-Bradley 1718 Ex I/O modules from Rockwell Automation. The intrinsically safe distributed I/O modules provide EtherNet/IP connectivity to field devices in Zone 0 and Zone 1 hazardous areas. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Improve Safety with Allen-Bradley MCCs

Improving plant safety is always a top priority. New CENTERLINE 2500 Motor Control Centers with SecureConnect technology help reduce exposure to electrical hazards by disconnecting power from the vertical power bus in an individual unit with the door closed. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Rockwell Automation Delivers Reliable Decoding

The new Allen-Bradley 48CR Code Reader from Rockwell Automation delivers 1D, 2D and Direct Part Marked (DPM) code reading – including barcodes and QR Codes – in a small package. This rugged code reader is designed for easy, cost-effective integration into the Connected Enterprise. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Inverter Enhances Conveyor System Performance

The QuickStick HT intelligent conveyor system from Rockwell Automation is designed to transport large loads with the intelligence of independent cart technology. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Seamless Cloud Design Cloud-Factory Talk Twin

FactoryTalk Twin Studio is an end-to-end automation design solution where users can design, program, simulate, emulate, and virtually commission in one cloud environment, making it easier than ever to collaborate on a common model and refine designs. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - OT Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

An OT Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is the process of identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing risks and vulnerabilities in OT systems to determine risk posture and mitigate risks. Rockwell Automation cybersecurity specialists conduct on-site data collection and provide customers with detailed report findings, identified risks, and remediation recommendations. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - OT Penetration Testing from Rockwell Automation

Penetration testing is the process of launching a real-world cyberattack simulation to assess and improve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in operational technology (OT) system security. Rockwell Automation cybersecurity specialists are well trained in the use of the same tools and systems used by threat actors. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Threat Detection Offering Expanded

Rockwell Automation launched the new Threat Detection Managed Services offering in early 2022 providing customers with application-level, real-time monitoring, and response services to help detect, identify, contain, eradicate, and recover from a cyber incident. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Comprehensive Endpoint Protection Services

For organizations to secure their operations and reduce cyber threats, a successful cybersecurity strategy requires solutions to secure endpoints - any device that is connected to a network outside of its firewall, including laptops, HMIs, switches, IoT devices, and more. (read more)