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Polarizing Beamsplitters

Featured Product from Avantier Inc.

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To cater to various general applications, three wavebands have been carefully selected. The 450-680 waveband covers the visible spectrum and a wide range of laser wavelengths. The 650-850 waveband is ideal for most visible range diode lasers, while the 1300-1600 waveband is suitable for most telecommunications band diode lasers. These Polarizers are designed to deliver laser performance standards and are effective across the entire specified broadband range.

The factory standard specifications of these Beamsplitters are as follows:

- Material: Schott, Ohara, CDGM Optical Glass, Corning fused silica, JGS1, JGS2
- Surface flatness: λ/4
- Dimensions: +0.1 mm
- Beam deviation: < 5 arcmin
- Surface quality: 40-20
- Extinction ratio: 100:1
- Coating: Broadband Anti-Reflection coating on faces

Custom Polarizing Beamsplitters at Avantier

At Avantier, we are able to design and manufacture  plate beamsplitters (in both round and rectangular configurations), cube polarizing beamsplitters, and lateral displacement beamsplitters.  A variety of substrates and coating options allow us to customize your polarizing beam splitter order for desired wavelength ranges and power handling requirements. 

Our beamsplitters have an extinction ratio of 100:1 and a high surface quality and surface flatness. We can also produce Brewster windows and birefringent crystals that are highly resistant to laser damage for polarization cleanup in potentially compromising situations.