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Polyethylene Foam Tapes

Featured Product from Budnick Converting, Inc.

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Due to raw material shortages, supply chain issues and manufacturers going out of business, polyethylene foams are one of the product classes experiencing supply interruptions. Fortunately, Budnick is a very large polyethylene (PE) foam tape supplier with purchasing leverage among quite a few major producers. While lead times are longer than they used to be, our suppliers are generally keeping up with typical demand and we've even gotten support on some spike business.

PE foam tapes are available in single coated or adhesive two-sides, a variety of thicknesses, multiple densities, a few colors, infinite die-cut shapes, and in acrylic (typically for outdoor use) and rubber (typically for indoor use) adhesive systems.

PE foam tapes are used in many applications including:  gasketing, mounting, attaching, sound damping, sealing, gap filling, thermal insulation, shock resistance, and much more. These applications cross many industries like; Medical, Appliance, Sign & Graphics, Building Materials, Electronics, Energy, and all Transportation segments.

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