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Budnick Converting, Inc. - Laminating and Coating Services

Adhesive lamination and coating allow you to create custom adhesives that fit your project's specific needs by applying almost any adhesive to nearly any substrate. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Spooling and Finishing Services

Custom finishing personalizes your product or converts it into a format that works best for your process, whether you need user-friendly finished rolls or long-length spools to decrease machine stoppage. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Acrylic Foam Tapes are Superior to Fasteners

High bond acrylic foam tapes are often the ideal solution for bonding, mounting, and joining applications rather than traditional mechanical fasteners, rivets, and liquid adhesives. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Budnick Establishes Adhesive Tape Search Engine

With more than 10,000 types of adhesive tape on the market, the tape conversion company Budnick Converting, Inc. realizes the challenge facing new product engineers. The company has responded to the need for an effective tape selection system by creating a comprehensive and intelligent adhesive tape search engine at (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Prototyping Services

Engineering and developing new products is never easy, and many times your original part design is not the optimal solution. To assist your efforts in developing new parts, quickly getting them to market, and saving money, your Budnick team offers extensive prototyping services to ensure your pre-production engineering concept is perfect. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Die Cutting Services

We have the versatility to die cut almost any material with a multitude of different processes and hit customer specs every time. Each machine and operator have different qualities that line up with individual customer needs and our years of knowledge makes Budnick the best in the industry. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Precision Cutting Services

Today's engineers need the design freedom to maximize space utilization while creating cost effective products. To succeed, they need both materials and fabricating processes to meet stringent tolerance requirements. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Adhesive Tape Die Cutting

Budnick Converting specializes in die cutting adhesive tapes and other flexible materials to meet your exact specifications and application needs. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Budnick Converting, Inc.:


Rick Hatton is the founder and former owner of Banner Ups, which Budnick acquired in 2019. Hatton will manage all Sign & Graphics sales initiatives, by focusing on key customer relationships and product development.


Budnick Converting, an industry leading converter and distributor of adhesive tapes and foams, officially opened its brand-new corporate headquarters at 340 Parkway Drive in Columbia, Illinois.


Budnick Converting announced a partnership with Banner UpsĀ®, a leader in innovative sign and banner finishing products.


Budnick Converting, Inc., a private, woman-owned enterprise, has awarded Kadean Construction an $8 million design-build contract to construct a 100,000 square foot headquarters and production facility in Columbia, IL