Extra Flexible Multiconductor Cable

Featured Product from Cooner Wire Company

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Extra flexible multiconductor cable is available "off the shelf" from Cooner Wire in a variety of materials, colors and constructions. Our specialty wire and cable inventory offers a vast array of flexible wire, shielded cable, miniature cable, medical cable, silicone cable, pvc cable, high temperature cable, flexible control cable and instrumentation wire, as well as complex cable and hybrid cable designs. Utilizing fine wire stranding, fine wire shielding and thin wall extrusion technology Cooner Wire's multiconductor cable provides superior flexibility and extended flex life in a small, lightweight and durable cable package. With over 100,000 specialty wire and cable items in stock, Cooner Wire remains the first choice for major custom cable applications in the medical, military, robotic, industrial, and life science industries.


  • Endoscopy
  • Scanning Probes
  • Lapping Equip.
  • Optics Equip.
  • Pick & Place Equip
  • Transducers

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