MAQ20-DORLY20: Relay Output Module

Featured Product from Dataforth Corporation

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For test and measurement, factory and process automation, machine automation, military and aerospace, power and energy, environmental monitoring, and oil and gas applications

The MAQ20-DORLY20 module has 20 isolated SPST latching relay output channels that can switch between 2A at 30V and 0.4A at 150V. Each channel has contact state readback to verify the physical output state. Relays can be controlled individually or in blocks and have user configurable default output states which are set upon power up, power loss, and module reset to ensure failsafe operation for critical applications. Relay state control can be user defined as standard or inverted logic. The isolated field outputs are designed for harsh industrial environments and have fast switching times. Advanced output functions SPDT, DPDT, 4x5 Crosspoint Matrix, 8-Channel Differential Multiplexer, 20:1 Multiplexer and Null Mode are configured with external field terminal block wiring and controlled by module commands. Field output connections are made through high density spring cage terminal blocks. Reserve power is stored and used for predictable shutdown to user-defined relay states upon loss of module power.

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