Precise DP-Based Air Flow Measurement

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Eastern Instruments' VAP Pitots have a unique Velocity Averaging and Parallel Plate proprietary design. When inserted into air flow ducts, VAP Pitots provide an accurate differential pressure output that allows for precise air flow measurement and control of your process. The VAP is a Differential Pressure based probe that works well with almost any transmitter.

Types of VAP Pitots

VAP Pitots are designed for Superior Accuracy (SA) for clean air applications or plug resistant (PA) for heavy particulate-laden applications.

For Use with the High Beta® Flow Conditioner

VAP Pitots can be installed directly into existing or new ducts or incorporated into flow-conditioning devices, such as the High Beta®, that is designed for installations where turbulent air and insufficient duct runs are present.

What Makes a VAP Pitot so Effective

Each VAP Pitot has multiple total and static sensing ports, specifically located to provide a full traverse of the duct, thus eliminating the concern of highly random distribution of air flow. For larger ducts, an array of pitots, with manifolded total and static pressure lines, can be installed to ensure an equal area traversing and fully averaged air flow sampling. VAP Pitots are erosion resistant and can handle typical process temperatures from -40° to 700°F.

Engineered Solutions

Eastern Instruments has manufactured many engineered products to meet our customers' specific needs, including Heated Pitots, High Velocity Pitots, VAP/XL Pitots for large duct sizes, PVC Pitots for harsh chemical environments and many more...