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Liquatite for Telecommunications

Featured Product from Electri-Flex Company

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Electri-Flex Company manufactures many varieties of flexible electrical conduits that solve design challenges providing additional features above and beyond standard liquidtight conduit, such as, corrosion-resistance, halogen-free, EMI/RFI shielding, high/low temperature, food processing antimicrobial, lightweight, UV-resistance, and more. This video features Liquatite conduits ideal for Telecommunications applications.

Shielding from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference is essential in the telecommunications industry. All 3 types listed below offer excellent proection from abrasion, sunlight, mild acids, and oils. 

Type LA:

  • Basic EMI/RFI shielding capabilities
  • UL listed/CSA certifed
  • Marked HD for "Heavy Duty"

Type SLA

  • Good EMI/RFI shielding abilities 90% coverage
  • UL listed 
  • Flexible steel with tinned copper braid

Type EMS

  • Better EMI/RFI shielding abilities
  • Jacketed flexible bronze