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Stove Bright® High Temperature Coatings

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Stove Bright® High Temperature Coatings

Stove Bright® high temperature coatings have been developed to provide the highest quality coating for use in applications that require heat resistance up to 1200°F (650°C). With continued research and development, these coating formulations continue to exceed industry demands for improvements in rust protection, chemical resistance, low smoke and other performance characteristics.

These coatings are used by manufactuers around the world to coat all types of heating appliances from wood stoves to gas fireplace inserts.  Stove Bright® delivers support for these OEM coatings with technical expertise for application in the manufacturing process.  In addition, we offer distribtution of aerosol touch-up coatings that exactly match the appearance and performance of the OEM coatings through hundreds of suppliers.

Stove Bright® High Temp Paint continues to evolve for manufacturers with new formuations to meet the demands of changing environmental regulations.

Stove Bright® offers the widest variety of colors and finishes for heat resistant coatings.

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