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Category: Primers and Adhesion Promoters
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Forrest Technical Coatings manufactures liquid, powder, and aerosol coatings and has a global reputation as a versatile leader in high-temperature coatings. With R&D capabilities in high temperature, specialty, and general industrial coatings and manufacturing facilities for powder, liquid, and aerosol technologies, Forrest serves customer needs for formulation, production, and order fulfillment at a single production facility.

Forrest excels as a top coatings supplier for the Pacific Northwest with technical sales staff throughout and 4 industrial service centers located strategically in Oregon and Washington. To fulfill international demand for high temperature and specialty products, Forrest has major distribution and warehousing throughout the US and Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia and delivery to any location globally.

Forrest was founded in Eugene, Oregon in 1973 and is now under second generation family ownership. With a long-tenured and experienced staff of chemists and technical sales staff, Forrest is able to offer manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers personalized service unmatched by larger paint corporations. Forrest’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified to ensure quality of process and ultimate customer satisfaction.

The Forrest product portfolio reflects an on-going pursuit of excellence in high temperature technology as well as new and custom technologies for various customers and industries. Stove Bright® High Temperature Coatings is sold on six continents for the hearth and barbecue industry with liquid paint, powder coatings, and aerosols to match. INFERNEX® High Temperature Coatings is designed for extreme high heat and is especially well suited to exhaust, silencer, and any components subjected to high operating temperatures in need of corrosion prevention. Forrest’s General Industrial line offers customers solutions that meet the most stringent industrial, environmental, and performance requirements for OEM manufacturers, job shops, structural coatings, and maintenance coatings. Beyond the products and brands listed here, Forrest is a specialty toll manufacturer, a specialist in creating custom coatings, and also sells architectural products.

FORREST is committed to responsible management of our manufacturing practices with concern for sustainability and environmental stewardship. Factory emissions from our manufacturing process are processed through a biological "composting" system, water-recycling and solvent-reuse processes have been implemented, and efforts to advance high solid and powder coating technologies are high organizational priorities. Operating in Eugene, Oregon, we comply with stringent environment and safety regulations. As a community-oriented business, we sponsor organizations who promote affordable housing, civic art and beautification, and watershed protection.

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