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Metal Detector & Checkweigher Deliver Double Adv.

Featured Product from Fortress Technology, Inc.

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In a space-saving product inspection breakthrough, Fortress Technology has custom-engineered a unique twin aperture Stealth metal detector and dual lane Raptor 200 checkweigher for one of the world’s leading, premium dairy companies.

Receiving shredded cheese pouches directly from a dual head bagger, the bold design unlocks substantial space and cost savings for the busy North American dairy plant. 

Offering a customized solution that no other food inspection company could come close to in performance attributes, the twin lane conveyor configuration, consolidates a single metal detector uniquely divided into two apertures and two independent weight verification Raptor checkweighers for optimized quality control. Each technology and lane has its own air blast reject mechanism to isolate metal contaminants and weight rejects, helping to reduce and minimize good product being wasted by over 50 percent.  Measuring just 10ft in length, Fortress also integrated a radius conveyor into the metal detector infeed.

For the producer of some of the world’s most iconic cheese brands, compromising on metal detection sensitivity was not an option. Explaining the benefits of the multi-aperture metal detector concept Fortress Technology spokesperson Eric Garr expands: “Compared to the alternative multi-lane contaminant detection and combination systems on the market, the high-spec Fortress multi-aperture system was engineered specifically to ensure that that there was no trade-off in terms of performance and metal detection sensitivity. One of the key benefits of a twin aperture system is the halving of waste caused by rejects.”

The special dual-lane version of Fortress Technology’s multi-aperture metal detector comprises a single unit split into two smaller dedicated apertures for each lane that act as independent metal detectors. For optimal metal detection sensitivity, the two compact apertures – measuring 102mm/4” in height by 254mm/10” wide – means that the packs pass individually right through the center point of the metal detector. 

“With output per hour being the critical productivity benchmark, this game-changing multi-aperture design facilitates high speed and accurate metal detection and marks a step change for lean manufacturers seeking to reduce factory footprint and improve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),” notes Eric.

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