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TriboShield Coatings: Extend system life

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TriboShield® polymer coatings
The Future of Polymer Coatings Solutions Starts Here
Although polymer coating technologies have been widely employed in corrosion protection of component surfaces and other applications, recent advances that deliver improved tribological properties are creating opportunities to meet these challenges and help revolutionize component design and manufacturing. 

The Freedom to Innovate
At GGB, we aren’t afraid to take risks for our customers and take pride in working closely with customers in the early stage of a design to think broadly and boldly—to expand beyond traditional surface engineered solutions. Offering partnerships based on trust, compassion, determination, collaboration and respect, we work to push the boundaries of possibility, inspiring customers across all markets to partner and innovate alongside us. 

In any project, considering tribological requirements as early as possible in the system design process is critical to ensuring optimal performance. This allows you to take full advantage of part shape to minimize the number of components and maximize service life. We employ a global team of application engineering specialists and materials scientists that can assist in the early stages of the product design to identify ways for the right tribological solution to yield size, weight, efficiency and performance enhancements in the final assembly. 

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GGB is the global leader in tribological solutions specifically designed to meet and exceed individual customer needs. Through our global production platform and supply network, we offer the industry’s most extensive portfolio of self-lubricating and pre-lubricated plain bearings for numerous applications in a variety of industries.

GGB supplies the automotive industry, pump, and compressor manufacturers, off-highway equipment, recreational products, renewable energy installations, primary metals production and general industrial applications. We maintain more than 20,000 individual part numbers incorporating different bearing materials, configurations and dimensions, including cylindrical and flanged bushings, thrust washers, flat strip and parts manufactured to customers’ specifications. We also offer an excellent selection of high-precision alloy bushing blocks and specialized housings and assemblies.

The GGB Advantage
GGB has 10 production facilities in the U.S., Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China, over 1,000 employees and a global distribution network serving more than 50,000 customers worldwide.