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Silanes & Silicones for Epoxy Resins

Featured Product from Gelest, Inc.

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Silanes & Silicones for Epoxy Resins
Silanes and silicones can modify epoxy resin performance by improving adhesion and controlled release, modifying rheological behavior, altering optical/dielectric/low temperature properties, and providing thermal stress relaxation. Included are silane coupling agents, epoxy-functional silicones, silane and silicone hardeners, and organosilane-modified silica.

Gelest, Inc.
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Gelest is a US-based innovator, manufacturer, and global supplier of specialty silicones, organosilanes, metal-organics, and acrylate monomers. We serve advanced technology markets including medical devices, life sciences, coatings & adhesives, microelectronics, and personal care. Our mission is to contribute to customer success by developing cutting edge chemical technology, products, and services to address society’s most complex material science challenges. We drive value through innovation.