Rubber Buffer,Rubber Feet,Rubber Mounting

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Vibration Isolators and Machine Mounts

Buffer elements, such as rubber buffers or rubber-metal buffers, absorb kinetic energy from aggregates or assemblies. Rubber buffers are used in mechanical engineering, assembly construction, special-purpose machines and in transport technology. 

Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd is a group of factories, give customer one stop solution of power transmission and industrial products. We are in the position to supply wide range of products, including chains, sprockets, v-belt and v-belt pulleys, timing belt and timing belt pulleys, gears, speed reducers, motors, racks, couplings, and many other parts, like locking assembly, taper bushing, Chain guide, shaft collar, torque limiter, cam clutch, universal joint, motor base and motor slide, rod end, clevis, rubber mount, etc. We make special parts according to drawings and/or samples.