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2601 Series PCB Terminal Blocks

Featured Product from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

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WAGO’s terminal blocks with 3.5 mm pin spacing take up very little board space by connecting both vertically and horizontally to the PCB. WAGO’s 2601 series super-compact, tool-free PCB terminal blocks with lever technology allow quick and easy wiring of cross-sections from 26 AWG to 14 AWG.

These solid conductors and fine-stranded conductors with ferrules feature WAGO’s push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection technology that connects by simply pushing them into the unit. Terminating fine-stranded conductors and disconnecting any conductor type is quick and easy with the lever connection.

The tool-free wiring is intuitive for worldwide use, and the lever technology ensures that the contact point is always secure. The 2601 series continues to make WAGO’s unique selection of lever-equipped PCB terminal blocks ideal for device connections in the field, no matter the performance class.