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Crouzet’s Solid State Relays

Featured Product from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

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Crouzet expands their portfolio with their Solid State Relays! The new design is lighter weight, which makes them ideal for every application, including harsh environments. They are robust, multipurpose, easy to install, and easy to use.

The new Solid State Relays are available in Panel, DIN rail, and PCB mount, with a wide range of options that can handle up to 125 amps/660VAC. Crouzet’s new SSRs include the traditional features valued by their customers, plus new features such as the new integrated removable cover. The cover provides an IP20 rating when installed, and an IP00 rating with the cover removed. No tools are needed to remove the cover, simply pop the cover up and then push down to remove it. Other valued features of the new design include a lighter weight, making Crouzet the ideal SSR solution for harsh environments, a long life expectancy, standard overvoltage protection, and a wider range of up to 125amps and 660V.

Crouzet’s SSR product families include AC Single-phase, AC 3-Phase, AC Multichannel, DC Output, and Smart SSRs.

  • The panel mount AC Single-phase product family includes the Essential GNA series, the Classic GN series, and the Performance GN+ series.
  • The Din-Rail Mount AC Single-phase product family features an integrated heat sink and includes the Classic GNR series, and the Performance GNR+ series.
  • The 3-Phase product family includes a panel mount Classic GN3, the DIN-rail mount Classic GNR3 relay, and a panel mount Reverse GN0 relay. Both the GN3 and the GR3 are for use where there’s frequent start/stop operations of three-phase motors or heaters. The GN0 relay is for frequent start/stop/reverse operation of three-phase motors and includes an interlock feature that allows the start, stop, reverse operation in a safe mode. All are low noise for silent application and have fast switching capabilities.
  • The Multichannel product family includes a panel mount dual-channel GN2 relay, panel mount dual-channel GN2F relay, and a panel mount 4-channel GN4 relay. Each product comes with 2 or 4 relays in one single package for space-saving needs.
  • The DC Output product family includes the Essential GNAD series and Classic GND series.
  • The Smart SSR product family includes load diagnostics GN Smart and GNR Smart modules. These offer load current detection, connected load detection, open/closed relay detection, and fuse or circuit breaker status.

For more information on Crouzet’s Solid State Relays or to find the right solution for you, log on to Heilind.com.