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It’s not an overstatement to say that lives depend on the work we do manufacturing heaters for OEMs in the medical device sector. Your standards are impeccable because positive patient outcomes rely on medical equipment performing optimally, which includes the precise measurement and regulation of temperature in items and processes that range from blood and fluid warming, insufflation and ablation devices, sterilization, patient comfort, and cell incubation for laboratories. Backer Hotwatt understands what’s at stake and lives up to the standards required to be a partner in the medical device supply chain.

For almost 70 years, Backer Hotwatt has been working with engineers from the most important medical equipment manufacturers from all over the world. Precision heating, tight tolerances, and extreme reliability are all characteristics that need to be designed into solutions for these critical applications. You can be assured that Backer Hotwatt engineers will work in close collaboration with your team to meet all performance, physical, and regulatory requirements to ensure a successful product launch and commercialization.