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Overcome antenna design challenges

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Antenna centric solutions
Enabling best antenna efficiency with Infineon antenna centric solutions (antenna tuners, cross switches and coupler)
In the increasingly connected world, modern smart devices must cover a wide frequency range while antennas have to be minimized in dimensions. This affects antenna performance in terms of radiated power and receive sensitivity.

Infineon antenna centric solutions help maximize antenna efficiency which translates into enhanced user experience in terms of higher data rates, longer battery life, and improved signal quality. Our antenna devices, including antenna tuners, cross switches, and the coupler IC, help to address antenna design challenges while enabling optimum power transfer and control for highest antenna efficiency. With Infineon’s growing product portfolio of antenna centric solutions, our team of experts is constantly looking for ways to further enhance overall antenna performance and radiation efficiency.

Antenna tuners for improved antenna efficiency
In smart connected devices, an antenna should be able to perform well in several frequency bands. Hence, there is a growing need to tune antennas according to the required frequency band of operation. This can be done by applying antenna tuning which improves overall antenna radiation efficiency.

Antenna tuning can be performed in two ways. Aperture tuning improves antenna efficiency by shifting the natural resonance of an antenna to the required frequency band of operation. Impedance tuning helps optimize signal transmission to the antenna by compensating frequency and environmental effects. Infineon offers a comprehensive portfolio of antenna tuning switches to address antenna design challenges and enable maximum power transfer for best antenna efficiency.

At Infineon, we are always looking toward the future trends that enable new technologies. Therefore, all Infineon antenna tuners are 5G ready!

Cross switches for antenna swapping
Antenna cross switches enable the switching between antennas to select the best performing antenna for optimizing transmit power for an Up-Link (UL) or improved receive sensitivity for a Down-Link (DL). Effective antenna swap capabilities require high-quality cross switching products that enable quick and efficient switching between antennas. Infineon has developed a series of antenna cross switches to enable antenna swapping functions for various antenna architectures.

Coupler for RF calibration and power control
Infineon bi-directional coupler is used as a part of power control and antenna tuning loops. Cellular RF front-ends incorporate bi-directional couplers in the main transmitted path to sense RF power propagating in a particular direction (transmitted or reflected back from the antenna). Based on the output of the coupler, dynamic PA control, and antenna tuning is performed.