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Category: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)
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Infineon is the word market leader in power semiconductors. Infineon’s semiconductors make day-to-day life easier, increasing car comfort, smartifying lighting systems and innovating mobile communications. Thanks to our technologies, smartphones and tablets have increasingly compact and lighter chargers, shorter charging cycles and longer life of battery.


In the Automotive (ATV) segment, we develop semiconductor solutions for a wide range of applications in combustion engine cars as well as in hybrid and electric vehicles. Power semiconductors significantly boost drive efficiency, which, in turn, reduces emissions. Microcontrollers and sensors developed by ATV are used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), making vehicles smarter and safer on the road.In the connected car of the future, our security microcontrollers will help protect sensitive data. 

Industrial Power Control

Industrial Power Control (IPC) specializes in the conversion of electric energy in the medium to high power range. IPC components are used to generate energy, transmit it with low losses and use it efficiently – particularly in applications where high voltages and high currents need to be controlled. Typical examples include industrial drives, traction, wind and photo-voltaic power systems, and major home appliances.


Power Management & Multimarket

The Power Management & Multimarket (PMM) portfolio is verydiverse. One of PMM’s core areas of expertise is power semi-conductors for power supplies. PMM products make adapters and chargers smaller, lighter and more efficient. PMM also develops components for mobile devices, where sensors are becoming increasingly important. We are capitalizing on this trend with our MEMS-based (micro-electromechanical systems) and radar-based technologies.

Launch of the emerging 5G standard will further boost demand for our cellular infrastructure components. In addition, PMM specializes inproducts for harsh environments, providing extremely high-reliability semiconductor components for aviation, aerospace, oil and gas exploration and subsea telecommunications applications.

Chip Card & Security

Chip Card & Security (CCS) addresses the need for security in an increasingly connected world where securing interaction and communication among people, electronic devices and infrastructure has become a number one priority. As a leading provider of security technologies, CCS offers tailored and ready-to-use customer-oriented security solutions.
We address established smart card and ID applications as well as new, emerging applications in the area of Internet of Things and embedded solutions. Our proven security expertise and technology innovation is built on 30 years of experience and system competence. A broad security portfolio makes us the partner of choice for today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges.

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