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Interquip Crystal Oscillator TCXO for smart meters

Featured Product from Interquip Electronics Co., Ltd.

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With the continuous intelligence of wireless communication measuring instruments, the crystal oscillator needs to have high precision and high stability, so that the meter can achieve accurate measurement and long-term stability. Interquip continues to launch 3.2mm x2.5mm, 2.0mm x1.6mm with frequencies of 24 MHz, 25MHz, 26MHz, 31.25MHz, 32MHz, 39MHz and other high-performance TCXOs.


  • Nominal Frequency: 9.5MHz ~ 70MHz
  • Supply Voltage Range (Vdd): 1.8V~3.3V
  • Operating Temperature Range  -20°C~+70°C,-40°C~+85°C
  • Room Temp.(25°C±3°C) ±1.0ppm,±2.0ppm
  • Operating Temp: ±0.5ppm,±1.0ppm,±2.0ppm
  • Aging (First Year) ±1.0ppm
  • Current Consumption (Idd): 2mAMax
  • Output Waveform: Clipped Sine
  • Output Load: 10kΩ//10pF
  • PhaseNoise@1kHz Offset : -130dBc/Hz Typ.
  • Start-up Time: 3msMax. 


  • Electricity meters 
  • Gas and water meters  
  • Heat & Cooling Meters
  • Power & Energy Meters
  • wireless communication measuring instruments