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NEW Small Form Factor Power Meter

Featured Product from LadyBug Technologies LLC

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LadyBug Technologies’ LBSF09 small form factor power sensor provides accurate power measurement from 9 kHz to 9 GHz. The sensor’s high accuracy, combined with its wide frequency range and fast measurement speed, makes it ideal for source calibration, defense, SATCOM, and general-use applications.

The RMS responding, two-path diode-based power sensor accurately measures signals with any modulation bandwidth. Its measurement speed is many times faster than that of thermal power sensors, and the LBSF09 is thermally stable. Furthermore, it offers superior dynamic range and sensitivity.

The compact power sensor is designed for easy integration into ATE systems. With its width of 0.8 inches and height of 1.6 inches, multiple sensors can comfortably fit into a 1RU rack space.

The sensor utilizes a composite USB interface with both USBTMC and USB HID interfaces. Optional LAN, and SPI/I2C interfaces are available. Programmatic measurements are made with standard SCPI power meter commands & queries, such as Read? Or Fetch? over any of the LBSF09’s interfaces.