DL Series Plug

Featured Product from Lee Co. (The)

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The Lee Company’s new DL Series Plug* is the latest addition to our plug product lines. The DL Series Plug is a singlepiece, stainless steel plug engineered to provide leak-tight performance in aluminum housings without the use of threads, sealants, or O-rings.

The DL Series Plug utilizes our new Drive Locking™ technology to reliably seal passages for life. This new locking end includes
an Installation Indicator™ feature that allows customers to visually verify that the DL Series Plug was properly installed. The Installation Indicator feature provides additional information for critical assembly processes and enables manufacturers to automate both the installation and the verification process. Overall, the DL Series Plug helps our customers to reduce scrap and labor costs while improving reliability.

Thanks to its compact size, competitive price point, and easy-to-automate installation process, the DL Series Plug meets the demands of the automotive, industrial, and medical industries. The shallow body of the plug provides several benefits for designers, including saved space, reduced manifold size and weight, and minimized dead volume. The DL Series Plug is ideally suited for high volume applications where performance, quality, and reliability are critical to success.