Featured Product from Lee Co. (The)

The Lee Company offers two types of miniature, precision nozzles for hydraulic applications: Atomizing Nozzles and  Targeting Nozzles. Both types are constructed entirely of  stainless steel and can be installed in any attitude.

Atomizing Nozzles – Lee Spin Jets®

Lee Spin Jets use unique vortices and flow passages to provide a finely atomized, 70° hollow cone spray pattern, at differential pressures in the 50 – 200 psi range.

The droplet size is typically less than 150µm for liquids having surface tension in the 0.002 – 0.005 lb/ft range. The recommended maximum service temperature is 700°F (371°C), and for continuous service is 400°F (204°C). Four convenient part numbers, spanning the range from 6,000 to 18,000 Lohms, are available, each with an integral safety screen to protect against rogue particles.       

Targeting Nozzles – Lee JELA® Lubrication Jets

Lee JELA Lubrication Jets generate a straight, well-defined stream of fluid to a predetermined target at differential pressures of 10 – 200 psid. These nozzles are ideal for directing streams of lubricating oil at critical bearings and gears, as well as directing fuel to the inside of vaporizing tubes within combustion chambers. A total of 43 standard sizes are available.