OTDR Measurements with Sub-Millimeter Resolution

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The OBR 6225 is a portable and rugged reflectometer for the testing and diagnostics of fiber optic assemblies, components and short networks. The OBR 6225 provides measurement and diagnostic capabilities that the industry-standard Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) does not because of its limited spatial resolution and precision. Using OBR technology that can locate and analyze issues and defects in fiber optic assemblies with sub-millimeter technology, the OBR 6225 is a valuable tool for detecting the amount and exact location of loss events in a fiber, and  making very precise measurements of fiber optic latency and length.

As fiber optic networks are increasingly deployed in challenging locations and environments, such as in aerospace, military and marine applications, the easy-to-use OBR 6225 is a tool that both engineers and technicians can use simplify the test, troubleshooting and diagnostics of fiber optic systems in the most demanding environments.