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Redefining Best-in-Class Gas Detection

Featured Product from MSA Safety

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MSA's ULTIMA® X5000 Gas Detector stands out with its bright OLED display, intuitive touch-screen interface, and extended calibration cycles of up to 2 years, setting it apart from all others.

The ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor has eliminated the need for specialized set-up tools or a separate controller:  It can be operated from the two touch buttons on its OLED display or wirelessly via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet from up to 75 feet (23 meters) away. At a glance, users can see colorful text and icons that show a gas reading gauge, progress bar, operational status, maintenance alerts, and alarms. 

The ULTIMA X5000 doubles the coverage available with the ability to connect two gas sensor inputs into one transmitter.  This economical dual sensor design dramatically reduces the cost of wiring, conduit, and technician installation time to make safety even more affordable.

With MSA’s XCell® electrochemical sensors, catalytic bead sensors, or point IR sensors, the ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor detects any two combinations of combustible gas (0 to 100% LEL), toxic gases in multiple ppm ranges, as well as 0-25% O2.

MSA’s TruCal® technology is available on select XCell gas sensors, which can extend calibration cycles by up to 24 months to reduce maintenance costs.  This innovation can detect sensor failures without applying calibration gas and compensates for sensor drift due to environmental changes, providing users with ultimate peace of mind.

Safer, smarter, easier and more efficient – the ULTIMA X5000 is the gas detector for the 21st century.