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Fast OS Boot x Wi-Fi Link Solution

Featured Product from Murata Electronics

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The low power solution combining fast OS boot and Fast Wi-Fi link

This is a low power consumption solution for IoT products combined with Ubiquitous AI corporation's fast OS boot solution "QuickBoot" and Murata Wi-Fi module "Type-1PJ" supporting fast Wi-Fi link specification "IEEE802.11ai".

The product can boot with "QuickBoot" from the power off state in a few seconds, and it can connect to the "IEEE802.11ai" access point in 0.01 second.

By reducing the time from OS startup to Wi-Fi connection, Minimize activated state duration to avoid unnecessary current consumption and maximize power consumption reduction.


When a problem such as invasion of a suspicious person occurs, the surveillance camera needs to record a high resolution image and immediately send a large amount of data to the server. In the conventional technology, since the platform must always be in the activated state and the Wi-Fi connection must also be maintained, power consumption is high and it needs the power line.

By "Fast OS Boot x Wi-Fi Link Solution", power consumption can be reduced to the utmost limit, releasing customer products from the power supply line.


  • Maximize power consumption reduction by turning off the MPU in the normal state, activating PMIC and sensors only
  • Enable fast OS boot with "QuickBoot" in about 3 seconds when the sensor detects a problem
  • Establish a Wi-Fi connection at a high speed in 0.01 second in accordance with the "IEEE 802.11ai" standard
  • Transfer large data to the server in a short time with Wi-Fi broadband data communication (200 Mbps)


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