microPEM® Fasteners

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Ideal for today's compact electronics including: Laptops, Notebooks / Ultrabook™ Devices, Tablet Computers, Cell/Smart Phones, and Gaming/Hand Held Devices. Parts for smaller and/or thinner applications have been designed.


  • Threads as small as M1.
  • Pin diameters as small as 1mm.
  • Standoff lengths as short as .040" / 1mm.
  • Clinching into sheets as thin as .016" / 0.4mm.
  • Attach sheets as thin as .008" / 0.2mm.


  • microPEM®, Self-Clinching Pins - Type MPP
  • microPEM®, Self-Clinching Standoffs - Type MSO4
  • microPEM®, Self-Clinching TackPin™- Type T
  • microPEM®, Surface Mount Nuts/Standoffs - Type SMTSO

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