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Long Length Universal Measuring Instruments

Featured Product from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.

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Long Length Universal (ID/OD) Measuring Instruments

Labmaster® Universal Model 1000M
Automatic probe movement with a push of a button. Similar functionality of the popular Labmaster Universal Model 175 at a larger capacity. Measuring table includes swivel, center, tilt, and elevation control knobs.
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Labmaster® Universal Model 1000A
Our most automated Labmaster. Automatic probe movement and automatic part alignment. Table positioning (swivel, center, tilt, elevation) is motor driven/computer controlled. A simple software script allows automatic measurement of gages or custom parts for ultimate accuracy and ease of use.
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Labmicrometer® Model 900 & 1600
Designed for gage calibration laboratories requiring precise measurements over long lengths. Ideal for use as a setting bench gage and calibration instrument. Suitable for a quality lab or a shop floor environment. Highest accuracy at best price point.
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Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems
Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems is a global supplier of ultra-precision metrology instruments, inspection gaging systems, and length measuring machines. Our comparator instruments incorporate the latest in laser and sensor technology allowing for fast and accurate measurements. Industry applications span across a wide range including, but not limited to: aerospace components, automotive parts, medical devices, thin film materials, roller bearings (tapered, cylindrical, spherical, needle), transducers, optical components, semiconductor devices, gear-spline-thread assemblies.

Calibration laboratory applications include: gage blocks, internal and external threads, national pipe threads (NPT), cylindrical plugs, pin gages, ring gages, dial / test indicators, length standards, taper gages, micrometers, calipers, snap gages, disc masters, API gages, thread wires, bore gauges, and your precision parts. Accredited by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (cert# 2629.01).