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ASB Automatic Spray Gun with Base

Featured Product from Sames North American Corporation

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SAMES is excited to announce the launch of the new ASB Automatic Spray Gun with Base.   The new ASB automatic Airless spray gun works up to 240 bar (3480 psi).

We have identified various market needs for automatic Airless spray guns due to the evolution of materials from various material suppliers.  Some UV primers and water-borne paints present problems. The first step was to create the Airless Skill™ tip to deliver premium atomization in dedicated Airless applications.

To support this business need and to add to our wide range of applicators (from Airspray & Airmix®to Airless), we are launching the ASB Automatic Airless gun which is the perfect complement to the Skill™ tip.

Unique Selling Proposition:  Accuracy at high speed premium Airless finishing

The ASB automatic spray gun offers superior atomization whatever the line speed, thanks to the perfect balance between high pressure and high flow rate.  It delivers a precise application with the coating applied directly on the target due to fast response time.

  • Premium Airless applicator for all types of materials:  solvent-based, water-based, UV curing materials or various market trends.
  • The lightest automatic Airless gun on the market:  Payload 20% lower than competition for reciprocators and/or robotic installations.  This allows for Increased motion speed and reduces centrifugal force and wear on rotating machines.
  • Low maintenance cost of ownership:  Bringing versatility to the marketplace: 100% compatible with existing range of SAMES KREMLIN automatic gun bases (i.e.:  AVX).  The same base is compatible with either Airspray, Airmix® or Airless spray guns.