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Category: Pressure Regulators
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Bond, Protect, Beautify

We provide industrial solutions for productivity, quality improvement, material & cost savings

We are designers and manufacturers of process equipment divided in 6 ranges:

  • Airspray: Manufacturer since 1925, bringing you the very best of the Finishing
  • Airmix®: Creator since 1975, bringing the perfect mix between quality and productivity
  • Airless: Premium for Finishers in heavy applications
  • Rexson Dispense: Pumping beyond possible, dispensing precisely
  • Electrostatic: Expertise for high finishing quality & efficiency
  • Powder coating solutions for highest Productivity since 1960
With our manual sprayguns, automatic and robotic applicators, supplied in material by our wide range of pumps & machines for fluid handling, dosing, mixing & dispensing, we allow you to "Apply your Skills" for the best performance and productivity

Our products pursue the following key objectives for our customers

1 - Performance:
Because finishing & dispensing are key processes in most factories, our products deliver leading performance to reach your quality requirements.
2 - Productivity:
Our high capability product ranges provide a real leverage on your industrial investment enabling unknown levels of production output.
3 - Sustainability:
Robustness & reliability are standards for our products, as is providing a quick payback while saving significantly on production costs.

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Technical Articles

A Meter-Mix Solution for 3K CARCs (.pdf) (Coating Equipment) A couple of years ago, one of the largest manufacturers of military vehicles in the U.S. faced changing its chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) system. Like many other finishing operations at the... (View Full Article)
Case Study: High-end Kitchen & Millwork Shop (Coating Equipment) An existing Kremlin Rexson customer from a high-end kitchen & millwork shop in Ontario, Canada was searching for a solution to apply urethane primers. They were already using a Kremlin Rexson... (View Full Article)