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TRP Automatic Spray Gun

Featured Product from Sames North American Corporation

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The TRP sprayer allows the application of solvent or watersoluble liquid paints in automotive and general industry. It ensures a perfect finishing combined with a significant paint saving. The additional interest of the TRP is to apply very high flow rates (up to 1200 cm3/min in some configurations).

The TRP is usually used with a reciprocating machine or in a fixed station. Using a multi-axis robot is also possible.

For over 20 years, TRP is the reference in the world of finishing in the fields of industry and automotive, often copied never equaled.

Simple and reliable conception:

The transfer efficiency of the TRP is high, compared to conventional air spray applications, (30 to 60% depending on the shape of the part, the paint used and the settings of operation). The electrostatic application saves a large quantity of paint used over a production period.

When the first coat of paint is applied, the electrostatic wrap round effect attracts the paint to the rear side of the part, a light application is thus sufficient to fully paint the surfaces of the part.

Simplified maintenance:

The high transfer efficiency reduces emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which facilitates the compliance of the installation with environmental legislation and reduces dirt from the spray booth due to the application. Moreover, a purge valve is integrated to the spray, which allows priming, rinsing and draining of the equipment, with a minimum projection of paint into the cabin, maintenance is reduced.

Easy to use:

Parameter adjustments (paint flow, atomization, spray pattern) are set manually, remotely or automatically with a PLC.