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Automated Guided Hospital Carts (AGV)

Featured Product from Savant Automation, Inc.

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Savant Automation's DC-10S Automatic Guided Vehicle is a compact load transporter. It is similar to Savant's DC-10 but with a stainless body. The new generation design incorporates the latest technologies and features that customers have stressed are important for automated material handling systems. The AGV can be provided with various configurations to adapt to most any application

  • Stainless Body for Hospitals and Clean Rooms
  • 2,000 Pounds Standard Capacity
  • Virtual Path™ 'Tape-free/Target-free' Navigation

Drive Under 'Tunnel' Cart Transportation: The DC-10S has an extremely low profile allowing it to drive under pre-positioned carts. This is ideal for hospital cart transportation or clean room systems where the work pieces are on their own carts and in applications where carts need to be picked up and dropped off automatically.

Cart/Material Transportation: The DC-10S is suitable for many cart and material transportation applications. The vehicle is very low-profile allowing it to drive under ('tunnel') a cart and activate capture pin to move carts to destination or when equipped with an optional powered lift, it elevates a cart or load from stand for transport. Because the vehicle is completely low-profile (no raised tower), it can enter a cart from the front or rear and most importantly, it can tunnel under a row of staged carts for tight cart storage queuing purposes.

Existing or New Facility Use: A Savant AGV system requires minimal installation effort and because of the vehicle's small size, it requires minimal space to maneuver. Systems can be easily installed in existing facilities, interface with existing elevators and safely operate in people corridors.

The DC-10 utilizes the state-of-the-art Savant Virtual Path? navigation employing a solid state inertial sensor to compare AGV heading and positional information to a CAD route map in the vehicle's memory. This is ideal for environments where magnetic/optic floor tape or laser reflective wall targets are not desirable or practical. The onboard vehicle computer controls navigation, communication, drive control, load deck and safety systems.