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3D Machining of Hard Materials

3D machining of ultra-hard materials requires both capabilities of machining of hard materials and 3D machining.

When we machine hard materials, we see the tools become worn so rapidly. Since 3D-machining usually takes so long,  it causes further damage to the tools. Tools' wear directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the machined part, and therefore, finding the optimal machining condition is the most essential for 3D-precision-machining.  Furthermore, we need to estimate the thermal displacement of the machines as well, especially when they continuously work.

Finding the optimal tools, machining methods, and machining conditions are the keys to successful 3D machining of hard materials.


  • Equipment

Below is the equipment we use for 3D machining.

- CAD/CAM software: hyperMILL® and Space-E.
- Machining centers: 5-axis vertical control machining centers (Makino / DMG Mori)
                                      high-speed linear-motor machining center (Makino / Sodick)
- Measuring equipment: Coordinate-Measuring Machines (Mitutoyo)
                                            CNC Image Measuring Machine

  • Samples

We have produced 3D-shaped parts & components as below.

- molds for contact lens production in Tempax glass (borosilicate glass)
- jet engine parts in CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composites)
- components for ion implantation in molybdenum and tungsten, and other materials.

You can find more samples here and please enjoy seeing our skills.