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Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Tantalum (Ta) – Custom Machined Parts

Tantalum is characterized by its high density, extremely high melting point (3,017°C), and excellent corrosion resistance. Being extraordinarily resistant to heat, it is classified as a refractory metal. (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - New 3-axis machining center for ceramics

We have a new CNC machining center brought in our factory. It is a 3-axis machining center and will be used for machining of ceramics. Although the challenging situation caused by COVID-19 still remains all around the world, the situation in the semiconductor industry has gradually been recovered from a severe recession last year. Thanks to the recovering, we survive. It led to the inves... (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Silicon Carbide - strength at high temperatures

Silicon Carbide (SiC) – Custom Machined Parts

Silicon Carbide has very good mechanical properties and maintains its strength even at extremely high temperatures. It also has excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and molten salts up to 800°C. These exceptional properties make SiC suitable in applications requiring great resistance to wear, thermal shock and corros... (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Why is it so hard to machine Tungsten?

How much do you know about tungsten? ... (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Zirconia exhibits excellent mechanical properties

Zirconium Dioxide, commonly known as Zirconia, is a high-performance ceramic material which exhibits excellent mechanical properties such as high hardness and fracture toughness. This makes zirconia ideal for a variety of wear resistance applications.

It is difficult to manufacture zirconia in large sizes compared to other oxide materials like alumina. In addition, zirconia is a r... (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Alumina has a very wide range of applications

Alumina, also known as Aluminum Oxide, is the most popular ceramic material. It is a relatively low cost ceramic material with good machinability and has a very wide range of applications.

Excellent electrical insulation properties , High temperature resistance , Plasma resistance , High hardness , Wear resistance

Click here to learm more about Alumina and our Custom Machin... (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Complex & 3D Machining of Exotic Hard Materials

Many precision parts have been made in common metallic materials. But we machine exotic hard materials and make the same parts.” (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - High Precision / Micro Machining Services

Top Seiko provides high precision and micro machining services for a wide variety of exotic hard materials. With our well-equipped & maintained facilities combined with our in-depth knowledge and extensive machining experience of hard materials, we manufacture the highest quality custom machined parts. (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Hole Drilling – Precision & Multiple Hole Drilling

Many parts require a hole drilling process. It is one of the most common and basic machining processes. Top Seiko excels at machining holes in high precision. (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - 3D Machining

Comparing to common metals, ceramics is a difficult material to machine in 3D shapes. That is the same for tungsten and molybdenum. Top Seiko has been trying machining of 3D shapes of those materials for a decade and achieved in many cases. (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Deep Hole Drilling

Top Seiko excels at deep hole drilling. When you need precision deep holes in ceramics, glasses, and refractory metals, please feel free to contact us! (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Material Selection Service / Material Replacement

We offer material selection services as well.
Our deep knowledge of materials enables us to suggest the best material that will solve your problem. Also, when you do not know what material to use, we would be able to assist you to find the best one according to the application and the properties you need. (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Machining of AlN (Aluminum Nitride)

Since its establishment, Top Seiko Co., Ltd. has been developing the processing technology of Aluminum Nitride. This material is typically used for heat sinks, substrates, heaters because of the heat resistance and high thermal conductivity. (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Machining of Glass (Quartz, Fused Silica, Tempax)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. specializes in development and manufacturing of high precision machined fused quartz glass parts.

All of our engineers are experienced in precision machining of quartz glass and strive to surpass customer expectations. We offer the comprehensive shapes of quartz glass and fused silica products. (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Machining of Machinable Ceramics

Top Seiko has been processing a variety of machinable ceramics such as Photoveel, Macerite, Macor, Rescor and Shapal Hi-M Soft(aluminum nitride+boron nitride). (read more)

Top Seiko Co., Ltd. - Machining of Molybdenum

Top Seiko machines molybdenum as well. Our years of experience in performing machining, grinding, and milling of purity 99.95% Molybdenum, Copper-Molybdenum, and TZM products enables us to meet the challenging needs of our customers. (read more)

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Merry Christmas! Today is the last business day of Top Seiko in 2020. For most people all around the world, it was a challenging year because of COVID-19. Luckily, we had no major damage thanks to the recovery of ...


As it is getting cold, leaves are turning red and yellow in Japan. It must be beautiful everywhere in the middle of November. Regarding this month's topic, how much do you know about tungsten? ...


I think the long summer is finally over in Japan. It is getting cooler and cooler day by day. This month, one new CNC machining center brought in our factory. It is a 3-axis machining center and...


When you consider using material that has high thermal conductivity, there would be many choices such as copper, molybdenum, tungsten, aluminum nitride, SiC, and so on. Adding to them,...


In Japan, things gradually return to normal getting over the recent pandemic threat. We hope you, your family, and your colleagues are all safe. Our company is located in a rural area, ...


Sometimes, ceramics can be helpful for weight saving. For example, we have the experience of assisting JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency by reducing the weight of the rocket engine. ...


Ceramics are generally seemed to be hard but brittle. However, there is a ceramic called artificial diamond, "zirconia". It has an advantage in high toughness, and...


Of course, there is! It’s called aluminum nitride. But this is not the only feature that makes it special. Among other aluminum nitride’s characteristics, ...


Thanks to that property, it can be used in medicine, especially in making surgical appliances. ...