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Digital MEMS Accelerometers Land/Railway/Marine

Featured Product from Tronics Microsystems

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High Resolution MEMS Accelerometer & Inclinometer

  • Input measurement range of ±1 g
  • Broadband resolution of 50 µg
  • Tailored to high resolution industrial inclinometers and railway applications (train odometry, acceleration and tilt measurement, positioning and navigation)

Discover AXO301 


High Performance MEMS Accelerometer for Navigation

  • Input measurement range of ±5 g
  • Composite bias repeatability of 1 mg
  • Tailored to navigation, positioning and motion control functions of land, marine and subsea applications (ship and ROV motion control, autonomous ship navigation).

Discover AXO305

Miniature, Digital & Robust Accelerometers

Thanks to their miniature SMD package, 24-bit SPI interface and low-power consumption, Tronics AXO305 and AXO301 accelerometers offer a digital, cost-effective and low-SwaP alternative to bulky, expensive, and power-consuming analog solutions like tactical-grade quartz accelerometers.