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Tronics’ MEMS Foundry Services

Service Detail from Tronics Microsystems

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Doing business with Tronics

Tronics will take on your MEMS project and bring it to production, whether it is a mature product or still a concept requiring design support from us.
Our goal is to establish reliable supply chains for your MEMS products.
We have strong experience industrializing complex MEMS with special metals, sensitive DRIE, Wafer level packaging, nano-imprint, glass processing and SOI.
We have adopted an open collaborative approach to reduce your time to market and minimize your risks.

Flexible manufacturing capability

With two complementary wafer fabs, in Grenoble, France, and Dallas, Texas, our process portfolio is broad and our project types range from small volume high performance devices, to high volume consumer chips. Our process blocks and manufacturing sequences have been validated over more than 15 years of MEMS development and production.
Within house design, wafer processing, packaging, and characterization capabilities, we are a one-stop-shop to take your most innovative product concepts to production.

Diverse application experience

Tronics has experience in development and production of MEMS devices in many different applications including: BioMEMS, high performance inertial MEMS, RF MEMS switches, micromirrors, thermal printheads and MEMS for medical devices.