Temperature Control Panels

Product Announcement from WATTCO

Industrial control panels are used to regulate temperature and provide safety mechanisms in place to prevent overheating your liquid and protect your heating elements. Control panels come in many different terminal boxes - standard NEMA 1 terminal boxes, dust proof boxes, waterproof boxes and explosion proof boxes for hazardous areas. Digital controllers are used to display ambient and target temperatures of your solution. They contain contactors, relays, fuses, on - off disconnect switches, and other components to help regulate your Wattco heater in a safe environment. In conjunction with thermocouples or RTD sensors, temperature controllers are the "brains" of the system and determine the heat intensity of your heaters. Heating control panels are typically available for heaters generating at least 30 Amps to over 200 Amperes. Special accommodations can be made for systems that are over 200 Amperes. NEMA 4 terminal boxes are typically used for outdoor applications where concerns of moisture and humidity is a factor. Flow switches can also be used for circulation heaters. All Wattco control panels come with circuit schematics as well as support documentation that might be required for configuration purposes.

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