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WATTCO - Sustainable Heating Solutions w/Infrared Heaters

Delve into the realm of infrared heaters and their unparalleled energy efficiency benefits. Discover how these advanced heating solutions can revolutionize your energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. (read more)



The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on immersion heaters for various processes. They can facilitate various laboratory processes, including the sanitation of medical and pharmaceutical products. This post will examine three pharmaceutical processes when an immersion heater is necessary.

Immersion Heate... (read more)


Pressure vessels are integral components in many industries, as they are designed to hold liquids and gases that produce various products and solutions we consume. But different pressure vessels accomplish different things, making it crucial for industrialists to select the right pressure vessels for their industrial applications. This post will highlight four types of pressure vessels (... (read more)

WATTCO - Using Circulation Heaters to Recycle Waste Heat

All major industries are facing the challenge of remaining economically and environmentally sustainable. One of the major obstacles to overcome is waste. Electric circulation heaters present an ideal opportunity for industrial waste reduction and reuse. Wattco custom manufactures electric circulation heaters for all major industries. (read more)

WATTCO - Advantages of Process Steam in Manufacturing

Process steam heaters generate steam for many manufacturing applications. Although steam is not the only way to achieve many of these results, it is generally a more cost, time, and energy-efficient method. Learn a few of the key advantages. (read more)

WATTCO - Clean-In-Place Systems Guide

In a closed system, clean-in-place heaters offer a superior method for maintaining equipment efficiency, lifespan, and ensuring product quality. In this blog article, we explore the most influential benefits of CIP heaters and systems. (read more)

WATTCO - Circulation Heaters for CIP Systems

Clean-in-place systems are optimal for cleaning the interiors of pipes, tanks, and equipment in closed systems. This process uses circulation heaters to apply temperature and flow in a series of rinses and washes that pump fluid throughout the system. (read more)

WATTCO - Role of Electric Heaters in Chillers Refrigeration

WATTCO's white paper on the Role of Electric Heaters in Chillers Refrigeration Heater details how heat plays an essential role in the chilling process, making electric heaters an ideal solution for chilling applications. (read more)

WATTCO - WP: Immersion heaters for water purification

Medical, pharmacological, chemical and other industrial applications all require clean, potable water. Download this white paper, from WATTCO, to learn why immersion heaters play an important role in the purification process. (read more)

WATTCO - Immersion Heaters

Industrial immersion heaters are a fast and efficient way of heating up various liquid solutions in processing equipment, as well as in large tanks through the use of tank immersion heaters. (read more)

WATTCO - Flanged Immersion Heaters

Flanged heaters are commonly used in many chemical, petroleum and water based applications. Consisting normally of an ANSI rated flange with several hairpin elements or bugle tubular elements extending from the face of the flange, this electric heater uses direct heat application to the liquid medium. (read more)

WATTCO - Circulation Heaters

Circulation Heaters also known as "in line heaters" use steel, stainless steel, and titanium in many applications. (read more)

WATTCO - Wattco’s Guide to Industrial Heaters for Chemical

In the 21st century we have our ability to control heat to thank for much of the technology which improves our lives. Virtually every industry uses heat in some capacity during the manufacturing process, but this article will focus on how heating is applied in the chemical manufacturing industry. (read more)

WATTCO - Over The Side Heaters

Over the Side Heaters are a popular industrial heating product for economic and practical uses. (read more)

WATTCO - Wattco Industrial Heaters for Oil & Gas Sector

Oil tank heating can involve different types of process heaters such as circulation heaters, immersion heaters, flange heaters and skid mounted inline heaters. Wattco's development of electric heating products for the oil and gas industry helps customers like you to get alternative solutions for your projects to get off the ground in the most cost efficient way. (read more)

WATTCO - Wattco Industrial Heaters for Food Industry

Electric heating elements are an important part of the food service industry as they are used in both the service industry as well as the food processing industry. Wattco, a manufacturing company developing electric heating products, offers solutions for your projects to get off the ground in the most cost efficient way. (read more)

WATTCO - A Closer Look at Circulation Heaters

Circulation heaters, frequently referred to as in-line heaters, are best suited for industrial thermal fluid systems. WATTCO's circulation heaters are designed for maximum efficiency. Their structure consists of a flange or a screw-plug immersion heater fitted securely into a heating tank or chamber. (read more)

WATTCO - Temperature Control Panels

Control panels are used to maintain the stability and the heat transfer efficiency of the heating system to prevent issues such as overheating and chemical disintegrations of a fluid. In order to provide the precise safety mechanism of the heating system, control panels can also be entirely customized to meet most of the requirements of the target application. (read more)

WATTCO - Industrial Duct Heaters

The use of electric duct heater has continued to grow. Duct Heaters have been an integral part of HVAC heating industry notably for their clean energy use and ease of maintenance. Duct Heaters have continued to grow in the industrial heating market with contractors and distributors looking for the perfect sized duct heaters for use in both the process heating and construction industry. (read more)