Littelfuse CAN-FLEC™ Power Distribution Module

Featured Product from Waytek, Inc.

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The ruggedized CAN-FLEC PDM provides superior sealing while maximizing the available space, reducing the number of additional units required. 

  • Max. Load: 300A
  • Max. Fuse Rating: 30A
  • Fuse Capacity: 35 MINI® style
  • Relay Capacity: (18) ISO 280 Ultra & (3) ISO 280 Micro Relays
  • Vibration Resistance: ISO 16750-3 Test II, 32 Hours
  • Shock Resistance: ISO 16750-3, Section 4.2.2
  • Output Connectors: Aptiv GT Series
  • CAN-FLEC maximizes available space and limits the number of additional units required
  • The versatile nature of the CAN-FLEC unit means it can accept a large number of component types. MINI, ATO, MAXI, JCASE, MCASE, and ISO components are all accepted
  • Rugged and sealed, the unit boasts an IP67 rating which allows it to be mounted in locations susceptible to moisture and dirt without any adverse effects
  • Input stud caps prevent accidental short circuit while performing maintenance to and around the box
  • Reduced risk of wiring faults: The CAN-FLEC uses a highly reliable printed circuit board
  • CAN- FLEC comes pre-populated with components that have 2.8 mm footprint