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Category: Strain Reliefs
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Bussmann 185150F-01-1 150A Circuit Breaker 42V, Thermal Surface Mount

Thousands of parts on-hand with over 99% of in stock orders shipped the same day!

Since 1970, Waytek has been supplying high-quality electrical parts to manufacturers of wire harnesses and mobile equipment, including trucks, trailers, ag equipment, construction equipment, emergency vehicles, boats and more. With a mission to provide exceptional customer experience, it's our job to make your job sourcing electrical parts easy.

We know that having the right electrical parts on hand and available for same day shipping keeps your projects running smoothly. Let us be your warehouse, so you can save on inventory storage costs while accessing a wide variety of electrical components from manufacturers known for premier quality. We are committed to quality by complying with customer and regulatory requirements. Each Waytek employee is personally responsible for the quality of his or her work and is empowered to initiate action to ensure both quality and continuous improvement within the organization.

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