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New test chamber for precision control

Featured Product from Weiss Technik North America, Inc.

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Weiss Technik North America announces the launch of the new Endurance Series temperature and humidity test chamber. Replacing its predecessor and setting new standards in test systems, the updated design introduces new and enhanced features, providing users with unparalleled control, efficiency, and flexibility for diverse testing applications. 

What's New: 

  • Energy Efficiency: The Endurance Series now offers up to 20% energy savings, aligning with Weiss Technik's commitment to providing sustainable solutions.
  • Temperature Control: Experience tight temperature control and uniformity for precise testing conditions, ensuring reliable results every time.
  • Lower Environmental Impact: The chamber now utilizes R-449A Low GWP refrigerant, minimizing its environmental footprint.
  • Intuitive Controls: An upgraded 10” touchscreen controller, equipped with WEBSeason® user interface, allows users to program and monitor tests conveniently from anywhere in the world. The ergonomically designed control panel features an adjustable tilt for ease of use and stows flush against the unit between tests.
  • Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, and dry contact options provide convenient connectivity for easy access to data, remote control, and communications.
  • Safety Features: The chamber includes a highly visible main power switch, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • S!MPATI Software: This feature enables complete chamber control and remote operation of up to 99 chambers simultaneously, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Additional Options: The Endurance Series offers an array of additional options, including various port sizes, shelves, humidity water filtration system, solid-state humidity sensor, and more.

Weiss Technik's next-generation test chamber offers advanced temperature and humidity testing technology to meet test requirements across various industries from battery and automotive to aerospace and defense. With its energy-efficient design, temperature uniformity, and intuitive controls, Endurance ensures reliable and precise results for diverse testing applications. Pre-engineered and custom options are available for laboratories with unique test requirements.

The new Endurance Series Chambers are now available for order. For more information or to request a quote, please visit Weiss Technik North America's website at weiss-na.com. 


About Weiss Technik

Weiss Technik North America (WNA) is the US market leader for environmental test systems, simulating any environment from earth to space (e.g. temperature, humidity, altitude, vacuum, vibration, corrosion, dust, shock, and more).  

WNA is a member of the Machinery and Equipment division of the Schunk Group, headquartered in Heuchelheim, Germany. The Schunk Group has 22 other Weiss Technik companies in 15 countries, making Weiss Technik the world’s largest manufacturer of environmental test systems.