Pygmy Flow & Current Meters

Featured Product from Gurley Precision Instruments

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The compact design of pygmy meters - the bucket wheel is just 3/4 inch by 2 inches in diameter - allows measurement of shallower and lower velocity flows. The pygmy meter provides reliable measurements of flows down to 0.05 feet per second at depths as shallow as 3 inches. Except for the absence of a five revolution click, these models operate identically to the larger Price type meters in both headphone and digital models.

Pygmy meters are rod suspended only.

For over 100 years, Gurley has manufactured hydrological current meters and accessories for open channels, rivers and streams. Products include Price and pygmy meters, digital indicators and headphone sets, support systems, including cranes, sounding reels and more. Their rugged, durable construction assures many years of trouble-free, accurate operation under the most difficult of field survey conditions. All the instruments are completely portable and self-contained for operation in a field environment.