Maintenance-Free Linear Slide Tables

Featured Product from igus® inc.

With drive systems from igus®, linear automation is optimized in the highest capacity. drylin® drive solutions are optimized with maintenance-free features and are offered at a low cost. Product variations include lead screw modules in various shaft and material combinations, lead screw drives with self-lubricating plastic nuts for extended service life, belt drive systems for high speed applications, and more. drylin® drive technology is also dirt-resistant, lightweight, quiet-running and suitable for virtually all applications and industries.

Self-lubricating: Lead screw drives use self-lubricating and maintenance-free plastic nuts for extended service life

Handles high speed: Belt drive drylin® systems are engineered for high speed applications

Various material combinations: Modules are available in different shaft and material combinations to meet your requirements

Low cost: All drylin® systems are cost-effective yet high-performing

Ready-to-install: Systems are made ready-to-install for any application and industry