ifm electronic gmbh

  • Effective, on-line condition monitoring for simple machinery
  • Seamless integration directly into Industrial Ethernet systems
  • Simple real-time indicators for automated alerts

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Dataforth Corporation

Connecting a physical sensor to a data acquisition system is a serious undertaking. Overvoltage - Crosstalk - Common Mode Voltage - DC Common Mode Rejection - AC Common Mode Rejection Read more...

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The new VDX500 Vibration Transmitter and Switch from Sitron is able to monitor the amount of vibration for all types of rotating machinery such fans, pumps, motors and other industrial machines. It measures the vibration to which it is exposed and offers two independent SPDT relay outputs (each with independent time delay and on/off control) when vibration exceeds the preset values... Read more...

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The VS12-AC is a vibration switch designed to protect rotary machines (such as motors, pump and fans, etc.) by shutting the system down when an excessive rate of vibration has been detected. Machine vibration is constantly monitored by the VS12 and when the limit has been exceeded, an output is triggered, so that the machine is either disarmed or an auxiliary alarm is activated to preven... Read more...

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