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Dataforth Corporation - Data Acquisition System UL Cert Hazardous Location

Dataforth MAQ®20 Modules Receive UL Certificate of Compliance for Use in Hazardous Locations

Dataforth Corporation’s MAQ®20 Data Acquisition System has received the UL Certificate of Compliance for use in Hazardous Locations. The equipment includes 31 MAQ®20 modules and four system backbones.

Sin... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Why Should Sensors Be Isolated?

Connecting a physical sensor to a data acquisition system is a serious undertaking. A laboratory connection may work well when connected with short wires in a benign environment. When mounted in the real world of electromagnetic signals and repetitive or one time emissions, several things should be considered. These topics are covered in much greater detail in Dataforth application note... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Isolating sensors? Why?

Connecting a physical sensor to a data acquisition system is a serious undertaking. Overvoltage - Crosstalk - Common Mode Voltage - DC Common Mode Rejection - AC Common Mode Rejection (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Is isolating a sensor improving performance?

Connecting a physical sensor to a data acquisition system is a serious undertaking. Overvoltage - Crosstalk - Common Mode Voltage - DC Common Mode Rejection - AC Common Mode Rejection (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Should you isolate sensors?

Connecting a physical sensor to a data acquisition system is a serious undertaking. Overvoltage - Crosstalk - Common Mode Voltage - DC Common Mode Rejection - AC Common Mode Rejection (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Why Should Sensors be Isolated?

Connecting a physical sensor to a data acquisition system is a serious undertaking. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation -  Industrial Signal Conditioning Handbook-Dataforth

The need to measure and control the operation of machinery or process equipment is as old as the Industrial Revolution. Plant instrumentation has now become the nerves and brain of the modern manufacturing plant. It regulates and supervises the operation of the equipment within the plant. It also provides the means to make plants economically viable. Instrumentation allows the use of pro... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Next Generation High Voltage Attenuator System

Their new second generation system significantly expand its usability while maintaining the same level of excellence and reliability our customers expect from Dataforth products. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - SCM5B DC LVDT Signal Conditioning Modules

Dataforth Corporation's SCM5B43 modules were the industry's first to provide isolation and signal conditioning for precision linear DC displacement transducers in the popular "5B" configuration.

Each SCM5B43 general purpose input module with DC excitation accepts a single channel of DC displacement transducer input which is filtered, isolated, scaled, a... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Power Supply Isolation

Low voltage DC to DC converters, in many cases, need electrical isolation from input to output. Low voltage is defined as Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) and Functional Extra Low Voltage (FELV). These refer to DC voltages below 60VDC, and are deemed be safe for human contact. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - MAQ20-DORLY20: Relay Output Module

For test and measurement, factory and process automation, machine automation, military and aerospace, power and energy, environmental monitoring, and oil and gas applications

The MAQ20-DORLY20 module has 20 isolated SPST latching relay output channels that can switch between 2A at 30V and 0.4A at 150V. Each channel has contact state readback to verify the physical output st... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth's 4 20mA Transmitters

Dataforth's 4 20mA Transmitters are "Best of Breed" accuracy, linearity, stability and noise specifications. These transmitters are designed to provide outstanding protection and isolation performance for input, output and power connections. They are capable of operating on the widest of loop supply power and over the broadest operating temperature range. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Measuring RMS Values of Voltage and Current

VOLTAGE (CURRENT) MEASUREMENTSStandard classic measurements of voltage (current) values are based on two fundamental techniques either "average" or "effective".
The "average" value of a function of time is the net area of the function calculated over a specific interval of time divided by that time interval. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Thermocouple Cold Junction Compensation Method

As a result of the advanced method of Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) used in Dataforth Corporation's MAQ20 thermocouple modules, the accuracy of these modules is significantly better than that offered by competing models. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Application Note: Harmonics and Utility Costs

In this age of electronics, most modern electrical equipment has embedded microprocessors and electronic circuitry to increase functionality and efficiency. This type of equipment generally represents a nonlinear load resulting in nonsinusoidal line currents, which are rich in harmonics. Moreover, modern LED lighting generates line current harmonics. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Analog Signal Conditioning - Buy vs. Build

We created a "Top 10" listing of reasons why you should buy analog signal conditioners instead of building them into your next application. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Robust, Reliable & Intelligent Data Acquisition

The MAQ®20 Industrial Data Acquisition and Control System encompasses more than 25 years of design excellence and quality in the industrial test and measurement and control industry. This powerful, high performance, highly flexible system offers the industry's lowest cost per channel, integral PID loop control, and ±0.035% system accuracy. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Isolated Analog Products for Data Acquisition

Designed to protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth's MAQ20-eagle.io Partnership

Dataforth Corporation has partnered with eagle.io to enable customers to use their MAQ20 system and eagle.io’s cloud-based software to build an IoT cloud-based remote monitoring system. In addition to remote monitoring, eagle.io supports the acquisition and storage of up to 20,000 records per data source per day. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - SLX200 Data Acquisition System

SCM5B Series from Dataforth - Specialist in data acquisition, signal conditioning and data communication. This fast, intelligent system is fully isolated and provides outstanding protection for your critical measurement systems. It is designed specifically for industrial factory automation, process control, test & measurement, machine control, and data acquisition application. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - SensorLex® 8B Series

SensorLex® 8B Series: Isolated Analog Signal Conditioners.


Dataforth's SensorLex® 8B line of isolated analog signal conditioners provides 19 family groups with a total of 123 models that interface to a wide variety of voltage, current, temperature, position, frequency, and strain measuring devices. Housed in a package only one-fifth the size... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth's New Quality Management Certification

Dataforth’s Quality Management System “has been assessed and found complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015,” states MCNA (Management Certification of North America). (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - MAQ20 Modular Data Acquisition & Control System

The MAQ20 is a high performance, highly flexible system that continues to add new modules, significantly increasing its capabilities and flexibility for a wide range of industrial applications.

Watch the video here!

MAQ20 modules include communications modules; analog input voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD and potentiometer, strain gage, and frequency modules; ana... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Galvanic Isolation and Dataforth

In today’s modern world of electronic products, the battery consumable market is booming. Battery technology for the consumer market has made significant progress over the past 200 years. The birth of battery technology is credited to the Italian physicist Luigi Galvani who, in 1780, discovered that a frog’s leg would ... https://www.dataforth.com/galvanic-isola... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - What is this Crest Factor Thing?

In the early days of electrification, Edison distributed DC electric power. Tesla and Westinghouse had a better idea, AC. There was, and is, a need to understand the equivalence of the two. The most basic unit of interest is power measured in Watts. A Watt is a measure of the flow of energy in joules/second. The utility company billing unit is the kilowatthour, or 3,600,000 joules.
... (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Competitive Cross-Reference Guide

Competitive cross-references for Analog Devices 5B and 7B Signal Conditioning modules available. For specific performance comparison, please review respective datasheets. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Sampling Law, Data Acquisition Sampling Rate

A Tech Note: Analog data is stored by modern acquisition systems in digital form. Therefore, analog information must first be transformed to its digital equivalent. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Tech Note: Signal Conditioner Life

In order to understand MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) it is best to start with something else -- something for which it is easier to develop an intuitive feel. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - 3D CAD Model Library

Dataforth has made available 3D CAD models, in STEP and STL format, for many of our product families. Follow the links on this page to find the dowload link for the model(s) you are interested in. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - What is Signal Conditioning? Part 1

The ability to effectively measure and control industrial processes is essential for reliable automation, data acquisition, and quality assurance in today's industrial environment. Signal conditioners are the vital link between analog input signals from sensors, and your process control equipment. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - What Is Signal Conditioning? Part 2

Signal conditioners are the vital link between analog input signals from sensors, and your process control equipment. Dataforth line of isolated analog signal conditioners includes two mechanical formats: plug-in-the-panel, and DIN rail mounted products. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth DSCT 2-Wire Transmitters ATEX Certified

Dataforth Corporation issued a Declaration of Conformity on April 27, 2021, stating that their product family of DSCT two-wire transmitter modules is in conformance with the 2019 EN60079-15 standard, and therefore is now ATEX compliant for use in hazardous locations. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth’s DSCA High Performance DIN Modules

Dataforth’s DSCA High Performance DIN Modules Receive Latest ATEX Certification (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Signal Conditioner Drift

Electronic equipment changes in behavior are due to a variety of factors. For example, moisture, temperature, and age are just a few such factors. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Cross Point Switch using MAQ20-DORLY20 Module

The MAQ20 relay module, MAQ20-DORLY20, contains 20 relays that may be wired as a 4x5 cross point switch (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Self-Powered IoT Power & Energy Monitoring Modules

Rugged, high-Accuracy, and self-Powered IoT Energy Monitoring Modules. Real-time data accessed via Ethernet TCP/IP. Designed for installation in any industrial location. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth Certification ISO Quality Standards

Dataforth Announces Recertification of Compliance with Latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - LabVIEW VIs for MAQ20 DAQ System

Dataforth is now offering FREE LabVIEW VIs for the MAQ20 Data Acquistion System. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - SCM5B Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning Products

Designed for industrial plant environments, Dataforth's 5B modules protect user equipment from lightning and heavy equipment power line voltages and reduce electrical noise in measured signals. (read more)