Micro Sensor Co., Ltd.

·14-segment LED display;
·Max. 4 relays control independently, time-delay function;
·Temperature Range: -30℃~150℃ / -22℉~302℉;
·MODBUS communication

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ArKco Sales, Inc.

Acting as a solid-state heat pump, thermoelectric modules produce a heating, cooling or stabilization effect by running electrical energy through the device and transferring heat from one side of the device to another against the temperature gradient. Read more...

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Barksdale Control Products

Our products offer greater reliability and control of your fluid power equipment. We put a priority on maintaining the highest quality, while continually working to improve product performance. Our products comply with most international agency standards such as UL/CSA, FM, CE, ATEX and GOST Russia to provide the highest quality throughout. Read more...

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Acrolab Ltd.

Acrolab's Resistance Temperature Detector RTD Assemblies utilize wire wound platinum elements and are of the "filled tube" or "MgO" construction, providing long operating life in high vibration and/or temperature applications. Acrolab offers standard and custom manufactured temperature sensors that are suitable to any industry. Read more...

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Minco’s CT425 is perfect for engineering prototyping activities. This PID temperature controller is capable of reading two independent temperature sensors (RTDs). By utilizing an internal solid state relay, logic voltage output, and internal mechanical relay, the controller is fully configurable. Simply connect the CT425 to a laptop or PC to configure. Read more...

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Thermonics Corp., an inTEST Company

The ATS-Series THERMOSTREAM® Systems are used in a variety of temperature testing and conditioning applications. From their traditional applications in semiconductor testing, failure analysis, and device characterization to their broader use in PCB and electronic sub-assembly testing, the ATS-Series has a system with the temperature capabilities to meet your needs. Read more...

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CAS DataLoggers

The Ethernet Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring Kit by Accsense includes everything you need to begin monitoring temperature, right out of the box!

Accsense remote monitoring systems automatically send data to a secure server for storage. Read more...

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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

Our updated calculator is more like a miniature Scientific Cooling lesson. Energy Density, Reynolds Number and mold cooling factors are explained in the User Guidelines. Users may override default values of processing and safe ejection temperatures for greater flexibility. Better layout and organization of the entire calculator make it easy to use. Read more...

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Control panels are used to maintain the stability and the heat transfer efficiency of the heating system to prevent issues such as overheating and chemical disintegrations of a fluid. In order to provide the precise safety mechanism of the heating system, control panels can also be entirely customized to meet most of the requirements of the target application. Read more...

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Delta Electronics (Americas)

The modulized DTC series saves wiring and the parallel modules are able to monitor many temperature points. The flexible output methods enable the user to plan the output modes according to the actual needs. The built-in password protection prevents improper operation or damages caused by the operation staff. Read more...

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