Win Source Electronics

Manufacturer: Bourns Inc.
Win Source Part Number: 866076-CD2320-B1600
Operating Temperature Range: -55°C ~ 175°C (TJ)
Features: Bridge Rectifier Single Phase Schottky 600 V Surface Mount 2320
Package: Reel - TR
Package: Chip, Concave Terminals
Mounting: Surface Mount
Part Status: Obsolete
Family Name: CD2320
Categories: Discrete Semico...

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Utmel Electronic Limited



Manufacturer:ROHM Co., Ltd. Manufacturer Part Number:BAT54SHMT116 Product Category:Schottky Diodes Life Cycle Stage:Active Package:SC-59; SOT23; TO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3 VF:0.8000 volts IF:200 mA trr:50 ns RoHS Compliant:RoHS Read more...

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Richardson RFPD

The MADZ-011002 Single junction, MADZ-011003 anti-parallel pair, MADZ-011004 reverse tee and MADZ-011005 unconnected anti-parallel pair are gallium arsenide flip-chip THz Schottky barrier diodes.

The high cutoff frequencies of these diodes allow use through W-band frequencies. Typical applications include single and double balanced mixers in radio transceivers and automotive radars. Read more...

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ROHM Semiconductor GmbH

ROHM’s Compact PMDE Package Diodes (SBD/FRD/TVS): Contributing to Application Miniaturization
Superior reliability ideal for automotive applications

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Nexperia B.V.

Nexperia's new Trench Schottky rectifiers increase efficiency for fast switching applications. AEC-Q101 approved devices up to 100 V and 20 A combine low switching losses and increased safe operating area. They are available in Clip Bond FlatPower (CFP) packages which have a much smaller footprint than SMA/SMB/SMC components. Read more...

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