TECAT Performance Systems, LLC

What if you could use go-anywhere wireless sensors to design, optimize, and enable predictive maintenance in your industrial process flow? With TECAT’s WISER wireless sensor system, you can detect changes in torque, vibration, temperature, and more, all wirelessly, to monitor each step of your process and minimize downtime. Read more...

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QuinStar Technology, Inc.

High transmitter power offered
Variety of modulation schemes and waveforms available
Application-specific antennas offered
Large selection of architectures
Stable and low-noise performance

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STEUTE's battery-powered wireless universal transmitter is designed to work with STEUTE Series RF IS Inductive Sensor, converting the output of the Series RF IS to a unique, coded wireless telegram sent to a compatible, remote Receiver. The Transmitter is also suitable for use with devices having a NO contact closure (gold contacts). Read more...

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