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Category: System on a Chip (SoC)
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The future of electronics is wireless and portable due to an almost insatiable consumer demand for ever greater levels of freedom and flexibility. Nordic Semiconductor is playing a key role in the realization of that future, by providing ultra low power (ULP) wireless chips that can run for a long time from small power sources, like watch batteries. What makes Nordic's solutions world-leading, however, is that this is achieved with class-leading levels of wireless performance and sophistication at a price that enables the company's chips to be used in even the most cost-sensitive consumer products.

As a result, Nordic's chips are to be routinely found in products such as wireless PC peripherals, gaming controllers, sports and fitness sensors (for example heart-rate belts and foot pods), toys, advanced multi-media controllers, and digital/satellite TV (set-top box) remotes, to mention but a few. In fact the wireless link in the majority of non-Bluetooth PC wireless keyboards and mice sold around the world today is provided by Nordic Semiconductor wireless chips.

Nordic remains passionately committed to ULP wireless technology and continues to be excited and sometimes even amazed by the new possibilities and applications that ULP wireless is creating — possibilities that will one day benefit the lives of billions worldwide.

Nordic Semiconductor is a publicly listed, global Norwegian company listed on the Norwegian Oslo stock exchange (OSX: NOD) and headquarter in Trondheim, Norway. The company was established in 1983 as a spinout from the Technical University of Trondheim and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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